Department Fees


The Department of Immigration has a different fees structure for every visa depending on three major criteria’s. The current visa fees is calculated on the basis of ‘number of applicants’ included in one application, ‘paper visa or online’ lodgement of an application, ‘subsequent temporary application fees’ is charged if an applicant is applying second visa while in Australia (if not exempted).

In some particular visas like contributory parents visa or english fees for secondary applicant in skilled visas, the second instalment is also payable to the Department at the time of grant of a particular visa.

To check the fees charged by the Department of immigration for a particular visa type click on the visa fees table tab below.


Old visa fees  –   New Fees from July 2015


If you wish to make DIBP payment in Advance – Please read the below mentioned details.

Fill out the payment details Form 1440 and email to

Important Note:

This is only recommended for Offshore applications in specific cases. Please consult our registered consultant before choosing this option of payment.

Please allow up to 3 working days to process your payment. Do not contact department before this time frame. Where there is an option to apply online, you can make the payment at the time of your application.