AAT Review (Administrative Appeal Tribunal)

AAT formerly known as MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) is for those visa applicants who are in Australia, and their visa is refused or cancelled by the department of immigration due to some reason. If you are not satisfied with the decision, then you can file an appeal in AAT to request a review of your result. You may get a bridging visa to stay in Australia until the review decision is made on your file.

  • You have to apply for a review within 21 days of refusal or cancellation or as per advised by the case officer.
  • There is approx one year waiting period for hearing. It could be less in some cases.
  • You must check your work conditions during bridging visa.

Do not get disappointed and give yourself a fair opportunity.

  • 457 visa cancellation/refusal
  • Nomination withdrawal by employer
  • Intention to cancel followed by a cancellation
  • Student visa cancellation/refusal
  • Pic 4020 and cancellation/refusal
  • Any other rejection/cancellation



Discuss your case with our Migration Agents specialised in AAT review and check your possibility of success and apply for the review, Call 0296354744 or click here.


Department fees $1673.

Our fees $3500 ($1500 before application and $2000 before submission and hearing)