For new Auzworld clients :

If your application is lodged online, you may wish to track your application status by your self. You just need to follow few steps for this.

Step 1

Create new ImmiAccount

Please create your Individual ImmiAccount from the above mentioned link and send us your ‘Login ID’ only to We will link your application to your account and after that you can check status of your online application in your account. 

Note: We do not need your Immiaccount password to link your application to your nominated ImmiAccount. 

Step 2

  ImmiAccount Login

Login to your ImmiAccount from the above mentioned link and see ‘last updated‘date and ‘file status’. If your last updated date is changed, it means your application has entered the verification stage and may be your case officer has sent any further requirements in relation to your application. You may see further details by clicking on TRN number of your application.

Once the decision on your application is made, then you can see the file status as ‘Finalise’. We will contact you as soon as your application is finalised.




Expression of Interest status (EOI) – Click Here


For State sponsorship and paper application status please contact us personally if urgent.