Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa

Man Mohan Makkar (MARN: 1388274) – Updated on 6th Sep 2021    


There is no particular age limit for this visa. The Age below 18 or above 55 will require to satisfy further criteria for having an exceptional benefit to the Australian Community.

There is a shallow English threshold of 4.5 bands overall (IELTS) or equivalent PTE, TOEFL iBT, CAE or English medium study can also satisfy this requirement. The applicant may pay the 2nd VAC of $4890 to fulfil this requirement as well.

So, it is essential to satisfy the high skilled criteria with a full verifiable background submission to meet the necessary standards.

The main criteria to look at the high achievement is to check if your role of the position is an asset to Australia, you are highly employable or can quickly establish yourself in Australian Market with your qualifications, achievements or exceptional track records. You must be able to show evidence for the last two years.


It would help if you had a strong documented profile and supporting evidence to prove your achievements such as professional awards, senior role in a company, patents, publications etc.

The candidate needs to show that they can attract a high income that is currently $158500 (from 1 July  2021), in their field of expertise. This does not mean that they should start earning the high income before the application, but they need to show their ability to make a high-income threshold in any of the above fields. For example, recent PhD or Masters graduates of the above target sector may also be eligible to apply for the Global Talent Independent Program.

  • American Express — 1.40%
  • Diners Club International — 1.99%
  • JCB — 1.40%
  • Mastercard* — 1.40%
  • PayPal — 1.01%
  • Union Pay — 1.90%
  • Visa* — 1.40%