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Bring following documents

  1. Passport all applicants
  2. Birth certificates
  3. Passport size photos
  4. All COE
  5. All Academics documents of the main applicant

Note: fees may be different if there are any refusals or visa cancellation in past.


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Direct entry without an approved English Language Test can be granted to those who have completed their studies in English Medium within past two years and achieved a grade of 60% or above.

A Student Visa to Australia is for overseas students from all parts of the world to study in a multicultural environment of Australia at all levels, including primary, secondary, tertiary, post-graduate, vocational and non-award courses. Anyone wishing to study in Australia is required to obtain a related Student visa as per their subclass before commencing any course.

This finance should be equivalent to the Australian dollar as par the Australian High Commission of applicants country. The conversion rate for the Australian dollar is available on Australian high commission website of every country. As an example click here for current conversion rate for India, Nepal and Bhutan.

The Finance Calculations are the important part of the student visa. It must be calculated in conjunction with the current finance table, assessment level, level of course and list of eligible banks.

The Assessment Level table can give you the exact level of your country as per the visa subclass.


Our Expertise

  • New Student Visa
  • Student Visa Extension (in Australia)
  • Student Dependent Visa (In or outside Australia)
  • Guardian Visa for student under 18 years.
  • Change of Course
  • Change of College


Processing time for first student visa depends on assessment level of each country. The decision could take anywhere from one day to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the case.




Visit this Course Search website to find out a suitable course. First select the state where you wish to study and then write the stream of your area of study, example – ‘management’ in the text box, then select the level as ‘diploma’ or ‘ bachelor’ and than click on search. 

The course search will give you a brief idea about the duration, fees, and available universities offering the required course. As this course search website is maintained by the department of immigration subject to the information provided by the colleges and universities, the information on this website may not be current and updated, so make sure to do individual research or contact us for the specific information, only after shortlisting few universities.

You may wish to contact our education counsellor for free student counselling and discuss the future prospects of your required course.