How to book visa medicals?

Whether you are applying for a temporary visa or permanent visa, inside or outside Australia you must arrange your health examinations with a panel physician. A panel physician is a doctor or a radiologist who has been appointed by the Australian Government to perform medical examinations on applicants for Australian visas.

All applicants included in a visa application either as a migrating dependent or as non migrating dependent must undergo the medicals examination subject to the visa requirements. Some visas do not require medical examinations, so please consult your migration agent before booking your medicals.

If you are booking an appointment with an eMedical enabled clinic, you must provide a health identifier such as a HAP ID. This number can be generated by the applicant before the visa lodgement only. If you have already lodged your application then you need to wait for your case officer to provide you with a HAP ID for eMedicals.

CLICK HERE – Get your HAP ID before your visa lodgement.

Once you receive your HAP ID, you need to fill out an online medical form in order to provide your medical history and on completion of this form you need to take a copy with you for the medical appointment.

CLICK HERE – eMedical Client Login – to fill the form once you have a HAP ID

Now you need to book an appointment with an authorized panel physician near you. You must take your original passport and specs (if any) with you for medicals examination.

AUSTRALIA –  Click here to book online visa medicals in Australia or 1300 794 919.

OTHER COUNTRIES – For overseas addresses of authorized medical physicians.

NOTE : Visa medicals are valid for one year, so if you have already gone through this examination previously please inform your migration agent to advise you whether you need another test or not.


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