AAT Review (Administrative Appeal Tribunal)

AAT formerly known as MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) is for those visa applicants who are in Australia, and their visa is refused or cancelled by the department of immigration due to some reason. If you are not satisfied with the decision, then you can file an appeal in AAT to request a review of your result. You may get a bridging visa to stay in Australia until the review decision is made on your file.


Review applications are critical and require considerable time, knowledge and effort to prepare a good submission. We specialise in the AAT review application submissions. Contact us to make a strong case.

  • 457 visa cancellation or refusal
  • Student visa refusal or cancellation
  • Partner visa refusals (Marriage, defacto, same-sex relations)
  • ‘Woman at risk’ grounds in partner visa
  • Pic 4020 or schedule 3 related refusal
  • Visitor visa rejections
  • and more…

Discuss your case with our Migration Agents specialised in AAT review and check your possibility of success and apply for the review,


Review Authority fee changed from 1 July 2019 – $1787

Call office at 0296354744 or Manmohan at 0431049352.

Email your decision record at manmohan@auzworld.com.au