General Skilled Migration

If you are below 45 years of age, minimum one year of recent work experience in occupation from the list or you are a recent graduate two years of studies in Australia; and have minimum 6 bands in each IELTS streams, then you may be eligible to apply for PR.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

In these new criterias, the department is trying to reduce the time taken for the decision of a normal application. So before an applicant makes a valid application, he needs to apply for an online expression of interest application with all required details. On the basis of that information provided by the applicant, an EOI for Australian will be decided prior to making a visa application.

Current eligibility pass marks for EOI is 65 but it does not confirm your approval of expression of Interest. It is an automated system and calculate and compare your application with other applications in terms of points and eligibility and then it also checks with the current requirement of an occupation depending on the area.

Regional EOI applications have more chances of approval.


State Sponsorship

TASMANIA (Most Popular)

Current international students who have commenced an eligible course in a CRICOS registered Tasmanian tertiary institution will get priority by the Tasmanian authority for (190/489 visa). : Click here for the fact sheet

Tasmania is offering a state sponsorship 190 and 489 if you:

  • Study in Tasmania (40 weeks) OR
  • Live and work in Tasmania for 6 months.
  • Working in your nominated field or job offer could also help.

This means if you have completed Bachelor or Masters in Accounting and struggling to meet the current 80 points threshold and have at least 50 points, this is a golden opportunity for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

Other options for Tasmania State Sponsorship

Category 1 – Tasmanian graduate
Category 2 – job offer from Tasmania based employer
Category 3 – Overseas Applicant (List of occupations)
Category 4 – Family living in Tasmania for last 12 months
Category 5 – Small Business Owner or have plans to setup

Contact us for admissions or to enrol in a professional year in Tasmania.

Canberra State Sponsorship

“If you are the holder of a student visa or a skilled graduate visa and you have lived or studied in another Australian state or territory within the last two years, you must meet the following criteria before you are eligible to apply for ACT nomination” Click here for the fact sheet.

The Canberra is offering state sponsorship 190 if you:

  • Study in Canberra (2 academic semesters)
  • Live in Canberra for 1 year
  • Work in a skilled occupation
  • Applicant must work full time and students visa holder with condition 8105 may work 20 hrs week.


Relative Sponsorship 

If you are below 50 years of age, have a minimum one out of the two years of recent work experience in closely related occupations or any occupation from the list or you’re a recent graduate who’s completed two years of studies in Australia; and have a minimum 6 bands or equivalent; and being sponsored by an eligible relative who is a usual resident or citizen or eligible NZ citizens living in a designated area, then you may qualify for Relative Sponsorship category.

Note: You may get extra points for your spouse qualifications, regional language (NAATI) or overseas/Australian work experience.