Health cover for 457, work visa, visitor, student or others


Apply Online

Apply Online: Health cover  (for 457 visa, Students, Visitors, Work visa or any other visa)

1.      Click above – Apply Online

2.      Select ‘Overseas Visitor‘ from left menu and

         a.     Choose Single, Couple, Family

b.     Select – Country of citizenship

c.     Select Working Visa from drop down list– ‘457 Long stay working‘  and click on “Get Quick Quote

3.      Choose Hospital Cover:

        a.      Select payment option to ‘Monthly’ – payment will be deducted every month

        b.      Select ‘Essential Visitor Cover

        c.       Click on ‘Get Detailed Quote

4.      Click Join now”

5.      Enter your personal details – Follow Steps 1 – 3

6.       Promotion Code – 2102492 – You may get future discounts or promotions.

7.      Enter credit card details for regular monthly payments.

8.      Click Pay now”

9.      Confirmation letter will received via email.